Chinese characters are very simple in their essence. All one needs to understand is that the Chinese characters consist of simple radicals and meaningful components, which in their turn also consist of simple radicals.

These simple radicals – 214 – should be learned by heart and the decomposition of each Chinese character will be understandable and plain.

Just find a couple of minutes to analyze the decomposition of the Chinese character 晚 wǎn evening. You will like it and easily understand and enjoy it. Good luck, friends!

Decomposition of the Chinese character 晚 wǎn ‘evening’

免 miǎn exempt

⺈ dāo knife

口 kǒu mouth

冂 jiōng down box

一 yī one

儿 ér boy

丿 piě slash

乚 yǐ second

日冂二 免⺈ 口冂 一儿丿乚

Synonyms: Structural analysis of the Chinese characters, Breakdown of the Chinese characters.

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